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HIVE Metastore HA (High Availability) MariaDB


Could you provide steps to enable high availability for HIVE Metastore with MariaDB. Please let me know how to specify new database node name in addition to existing one in HIVE configs of Ambari.


@Abhilash Chandrasekharan

For now, MariaDB HA is not officially supported for Hive Metastore. You could try specifying the JDBC connection string as "jdbc:mysql://<uri1>,<uri2>/hive".


I will try this @Sindhu and shall confirm.

Rising Star

Even if you can connect Hive to MariaDB HA you'll run into an issue due to lack of primary keys on some of the tables. I submitted a Jira for this issue as you can't use MySQL Clusters either with Hive.

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