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HIVE ODBC is not displaying tables and databases metadata


I've also asked this question on StackOverflow(there's even a bounty there). I believe it is a bug in Cloudera's HIVE ODBC driver 2.6.11, but I would like to confirm it.


I'm using DBeaver to query my data using HIVE and LLAP. DBeaver correctly displays the column description but does not display the table description. I believe it is because the ODBC driver isn't correctly sending the metadata that was registered using Hive DDL commands.


I created a Hive table with table description metadata using this command:

create table sbx_ppppp.comments (
    s string comment 'uma string',
    i int comment 'um inteiro'
) comment 'uma tabela com comentários';

But it isn't correctly displayed when I double click the table:




The ability to display the table description while querying our data lake would be a great usability improvement.

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