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HIVE Parquet tables

HIVE Parquet tables


Hi Guys,


I understand that PARQUET can handle nested structures and have a schema similar to avro. If so, what is the parquet equivalent of the HIVE avro DDL statement?


Basically I want to dynamically create new PARQUET tables based on received avro schemas.






Re: HIVE Parquet tables

New Contributor

Hi Andrew -


You're correct that Parquet supports nested data types, it implements the record shredding and assembly algorithms from the Dremel paper. 


You just need to add the Parquet jars and set the file format properties on the table (see below)


# Add JAR (version will depend)
hive> add jar parquet-<version>.jar

# Create your table
hive> CREATE TABLE my_table (col1 INT, col2 INT, col3 STRING)
ROW FORMAT SERDE 'parquet.hive.serde.ParquetHiveSerDe'
STORED AS INPUTFORMAT 'parquet.hive.DeprecatedParquetInputFormat'
OUTPUTFORMAT 'parquet.hive.DeprecatedParquetOutputFormat';

 Parquet's Maven JARs

Re: HIVE Parquet tables


Thanks Ricky.


Can I specify an Avro schema?

Re: HIVE Parquet tables

Master Guru
Presently the Parquet+Hive SerDe only supports Writable based serialization, not Avro:
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