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HIVE Transaction Table Problem

HIVE Transaction Table Problem

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I am trying to create a transactional table in hive and want to access it wiht impala and spark sql as well.

I have done following thigs-

1. Changed some parameters in hive-site.xml

     • – true
     • hive.enforce.bucketing – true
     • hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode – nonstrict
     • hive.txn.manager – org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.lockmgr.DbTxnManager
     • hive.compactor.initiator.on – true 
     • hive.compactor.worker.threads – 1


2. Then I ran following commands using hive , works fine


create table test(id int, name varchar(128)) clustered by (id) into 2
buckets stored as orc TBLPROPERTIES ('transactional'='true');
insert into table test values(1,'Jim');
update test set name='John' where id=1;
delete from test where name='John';
3. Then I use 'invalidate metadata' command in impala to refresh the tables, It is showing the table but I am not able to access the same table, It showing error-
ERROR: AnalysisException: Failed to load metadata for table: 'test'
CAUSED BY: TableLoadingException: Unrecognized table type for table: default.test
What to do to resolve this problem ?