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HIVE UDF not working with other user

New Contributor

Hi there!

I'm quite new to Hortonworks and have been working to install a function in the sandbox for 2.6.3.

I have a Hive UDF that I can run in the CLI under the root user with no issue, but when I try to use the function in a query with the Maria_dev user in Ambari, it says the function does not exist. I've used both create temporary and create function options, and I can see both the temporary and full functions in the CLI, but still can't query against it in the Ambari user. I can run a query using the function in the HIve CLI with the root user with no issue.

I thouight that I created the standard function, without it being temporary, that it would carry over to the other users for permission.

Any guidance is much appreciated!


Cloudera Employee

How was the UDF created - using the Hive CLI, or in Ambari? If it was created using the Hive CLI, it might be a similar issue to, in which case the solution would be either to restart HiveServer2 or issue "RELOAD FUNCTIONS".

New Contributor

Thanks for the reply! This was in Hive CLI. I'll take a look at this and see what I can find.

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