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HIVE kinit every minute



If I run klist under hive unix user, i observe the ticket refreched every minute.

Hive is the only user to have this behabior.

There is no crontab to refrech it.

I cannot figure out why the ticket is being refreshed that often !

HDP 2.6.5, HIVE 2.1


1. Its amabari alerts framework which is creating the ticket as it, does a regular health check by connecting to HS2 using beeline. beeline needs a ticket to connect to HS2.
2. The frequency is every 2 minutes.
3. HiveServer2 always generate TGT in memory and never on disk_cache.
4. Even if you delete the ticket your HS2 will work fine.
5. If you have more than one HiveServer2 you will see the ticket is being generated only one of the instances.