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HIVE - transactions not working - any help is highly appreciable

HIVE - transactions not working - any help is highly appreciable


We have the following




We using postgresl Database as metastore (shared )

both for hive / impala .

Hue server  - for data analysts


Right know we are using ORC table format.

I understand  all the necessary prequist for hive delete update operations

we are managing the cluster using Clouldera Manager . My only question is where does the below configuration go in Safety valve . When they service and Client side . I am confused any help is highly appreciable man


we fire query from Hue web interface .


Client Side – true
    hive.enforce.bucketing – true (Not required as of Hive 2.0)
    hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode – nonstrict
    hive.txn.manager – org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.lockmgr.DbTxnManager
Server Side (Metastore)

    hive.compactor.initiator.on – true (See table below for more details)
    hive.compactor.worker.threads – a positive number on at least one instance of the Thrift metastore service




Re: HIVE - transactions not working - any help is highly appreciable




There are two options


1. Temporary setup. Go to Hue -> Hive query editor and set up your configuration


set hive.enforce.bucketing=true;


To get the current value, you can run it before & after setup


set hive.enforce.bucketing;


2. Permanent setup: As your admin to Go to Cloudera Manager -> Hive -> Configuration -> search for HiveServer2 Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) and update the rqeuired properties as follows








Note: The Temporary setup will influence only your scripts but Permanent setup will influence all the script executions. so think twice and take the necessary action





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