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HMASTER Service not running

Rising Star

I have installed hbase in pseudomode.when i give the command ,before starting my hadoop cluster i'm able to see hmaster using JPS.but after starting hadoop using and doing jps it suddenly disappears while the other process are still running .below are the processes running :

20720 SecondaryNameNode 21027 NodeManager 20358 NameNode 20889 ResourceManager 20027 HRegionServer 21532 Jps 17788 HQuorumPeer


Might you include the log files for the services which stop running?

Rising Star

@Josh Elser

I can see 3 log file in my logs directory which one i can refer?? Even the timestamp is also almost same.

The one that is for the process which died (hbase-master).

if the log files are indexed, as log1 log2 and log. Select the file which doesn't have any index that is /hbase/logs/...master.log

In this file, you may check if the server connection is set properly or not with respect to zookeeper, It may throw you an error at server connection refused, you may find some solution here,,