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HORTONWORKS HDP 2.3.2 Installation


HORTONWORKS HDP 2.3.2 Installation

Dear all,

I am installing HDP 2.3.2 stack in my computer . My Deployment architecture as follows : 2-Master nodes and 2- data nodes. I am using to create this cluster in MY Laptop using the virtuall box with 4-instance of Cent OS . I deployed Ambari server successfully and then I started to deploy HDP sack from Ambari automated install , I sucessfuly passed below steps in Ambari :

1.Get started

2. Select Stack

3.Install options

4.Conform hosts

5.Assign masters:

6. Assign salves and clients

7.Customize services


9. Install, Start and Test ---> Currently I am in this step.

Even in above step, ambari shows sucellfully instlled all services in all 4-nodes . After that it has to start the service in each node, but from theire there is no prograss --- I even waited for more then 14-Hours after install still same position:

Pl find the screen shot below :



Can some one help us why was it not able to start any of service. Even I checked the logs no clue . You support on this really appreciate on this.




Re: HORTONWORKS HDP 2.3.2 Installation

@Ganesan Vetri

Have you checked for messages in /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log, or i /var/log/ambari-agent/ambari-agent.log?


Re: HORTONWORKS HDP 2.3.2 Installation

Super Guru

@Ganesan Vetri

You need to check couple of things:

1. Please hit below url and see how many tasks are pending.


2. Note the request id for each pending request.

3. Please take backup of Ambari DB

4. Login to Ambari DB

5. select distinct(status) from host_role_command

6. You need to update host_role_command table and make all the "PENDING"/"IN PROGRESS"/"QUEUED" actions to "ABORTED"

7. You can do it by request_id noted in step 2 or quickest way is to update all "PENDING"/"IN PROGRESS"/"QUEUED" actions to "ABORTED"

8. After updating, please restart ambari server.

Hope this information helps!

Re: HORTONWORKS HDP 2.3.2 Installation

Thanks all for response. I was quit away for a week, now I back. Thanks now it started working.

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