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[HUE] [Feature request] Sentry grants list

[HUE] [Feature request] Sentry grants list



I am experimenting with Hue, a tool long underestimated by me, and I found it really interesting.

Keep doing your great work guys.


I'l like to file a feature request: in the security app, please add a functionality to list the full Sentry permissions, and even a way to "bulk export" it.


Let me explain. When using sentry-provider.ini, we used to keep it in a git repo. This way was very fast for our group (hadoop admins) to retreive every version we needed, from whereever we were. Also, this was useful to have an overview of the whole situation. Furthermore, we were able to add new or edit permissions at a glance, just uploading the new file.

With the Sentry Service, by the way more powerful, this is no more possibile. Listing grants via CLI is not so quick and listing them via Hue is more fashion but yet, does not provide an overview. 


A tool capable of showing an overview (dunno, maybe as a tree view ???) would be very appreciated.

I know that for backup purposes I can simply dump the Sentry DB, but implementing this kind of view would probably lead to a simple backup strategy: a special file could be exported and imported.


What do you think ? 

My client, which holds 4 licences, would love it.


Re: [HUE] [Feature request] Sentry grants list

Thanks for the feedback!

Let us think a little bit about it and come back!

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