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HUE Load Balancer warning banner


HUE Load Balancer warning banner



We have configured HUE Load Balancer with cloudera manager.
And we also have an additional iptables NAT rule that forward 443 -> HUE Load Balancer port for a user friendly experience.


We run HUE LB on port tcp/7180.

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-port 7180


End users access HUE with a CNAME in the browser, let’s stay
The actual HUE instance is on AWS and we have a VPN from our internal network so the server is using the standard VPC hostname ip-X-X-X-X.<aws region>.compute.internal.


We now get the following warning banner from HUE saying that we are accessing non-optimized hue, even if we are going through the HUE LB.


"You are accessing a non-optimized Hue, please switch to one of the available addresses: https://ip-X-X-X-X.<region>..compute.internal:7180"


Has anyone seen this problem before when using CNAMES instead of hostname with HUE LB?


Re: HUE Load Balancer warning banner

New Contributor

I had the same issue.


It took a bit, but what you need to edit is 'hue_safety_valve.ini'. This can be accessed from cloudera manager.


under the [desktop] section, add:





I have not tried it, but this is actually a comma-separated list, so you should be able to add other load balancers as needed. This worked for me to get the banner working properly.



Re: HUE Load Balancer warning banner





Thank you for your help.



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