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HUE Oozie Workflow Workspaces Left Undeleted

New Contributor

When I delete a worflow from HUE, the workspace folder remains in HDFS.  I make sure to empty my trash to truely delete the workflows but after that the workspace folders still remain.


My organization is on CDH 1.15.1


This has become a problem for my organization because we have several users creating and delete workflows and the issue with accumilating workspaces was not known.  We now have over 900 workspace folders in HDFS named 'hue-oozie-*' which must be carefully accounted for.


Why are the workspace folders not being deleted by HUE?


I don't think training all our HUE users to delete unused workspaces manually is an option because of the risks involved and because we would still face the same challenges down the road while trying to verify the policy is being kept.


Super Collaborator

Hi @RemoteIterator,


Unfortunately we do not have a feature in Hue currently to auto delete the workspace in HDFS along with a deletion of a workflow. It looks like you may have to run a script in the backend to delete the HDFS folder to accomdate your business needs.


BTW, you can always open a feature request for the Hue team.




Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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