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HUE - create_user_directories from command line fails silently

New Contributor

I am trying to set up a job to automatically sync LDAP groups and create user directories from cron, since having to go into a UI and manually sync the LDAP groups every time they're updated almost entirely defeats the purpose of using LDAP groups to manage user access.


After setting HUE_CONF_DIR, HUE_DATABASE_PASSWORD, and HUE_IGNORE_SCRIPT_ERRORS as documented, the import_ldap_group subcommand succeeds, but the create_user_directories command just prints out "Attempting to create user directories for user:" lines for each user but doen't actually create any.


When run through the web ui, I can see it working in the httpfs logs, but when run from the command line as far as I can see it never even connects to httpfs.   This is a kerberized 5.10 cluster, but authenticating to kerberos makes no difference, nor does running it as either root or the hue user.


Is there some other option required to get this to work?