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HUE - need to delete Group and all users


Hello - 

We imported some AD Groups for testing purposes, but now we want to remove the Groups and the users.  


When we delete the groups, the users are left in the Default role and we have to manually delete them one by one. And then, after that...we still have to remove/delete the folders in HDFS (/user/joe).

Is there a way that we can delete the Group and have all the users and their folders deleted?

Or, is this simply a manual process?




I do not know of anyway. If this was just for testing and there are not saved queries, oozie workflows, job workflows, etc. then I would just blow away the DB and set up a fresh one.




Thanks for the response.   We have users and groups that we want to retain....but there are a few groups and their associated users (that we added) that we want to remove.  So, I don't want to blow away the DB.


Sounds like this is just not possible, so we'll need to create a manual process/workflow...which is too bad.




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