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HUE : username lenght limit 30 character

HUE : username lenght limit 30 character



I verify there is a limit on lenght of username of HUE database ( 30 character ).

In CDH 5.5 I see that in sqlite I could have more than 30 characters ( it's very strange, I think it's a bug ) but when you will migrate to mysql database it's not possible to load of the json file because it will give you a lot of errors.


The problem is considerable if you will integrate HUE with LDAP because the username is :




So it's easy with a username = <firstname>.<lastname> and a domain with <subdomain>.<domain>.<[com,uk,us,it,es,..]> to have more than 30 character .


I think it could be larger ( 100 character ) to be "safe".


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