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Hadoop Configuration

Hadoop Configuration

New Contributor



Please help in resolving my query as i am new to hadoop.


Where can i find the slaves hostname and ip address from master for connecting through ssh , if i am unable to find it in /etc/hosts.


In a production cluster how the connection between slaves and masters are carried out if not through /etc/hosts.?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Hadoop Configuration

Cloudera Employee

Hello Vihoop,


Thanks for your question.


/etc/hosts is not the only place to set/configure the hostnames of hosts. A valid public DNS record could be another resolver for your hosts in case you have defined your hosts' hostname with a public DNS provider (A or CNAME records). However, Linux systems usually resolve the hostname as per the order of the resolver in /etc/nsswitch.conf file.


There is a lot of standard DNS commands that exam your hostname resolution, like: dig, host, nslookup, whois, and many else..