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Hadoop WebHDFS REST API disable default user


Hadoop WebHDFS REST API disable default user

New Contributor

I am running a pseudo-distributed hadoop system. When I put some data using a REST API to HDFS without setting in a post request a default user dr.who is used.


The documentation says If the parameter is not set, the server may either set the authenticated user to a default web user, if there is any, or return an error response.


How I can enforce the service to return an error response instead of using the default user. I am quite affraid that everybody can put whatever he wants as a default user.


Re: Hadoop WebHDFS REST API disable default user

Super Collaborator

Well to be "fair" if you have not kerberos configured anyone can do anything using the API.

Since you just need to "tell" the API you are "HDFS" (without showing a proof of it) for doing whatever you want.






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