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Hadoop cluster architecture representation

Does anyone have a template in the form of a word doc or ppt to represent a hadoop cluster. We have various environments and need to document the different environments (if possible visually). Any tool or thoughts on how to do this?


Re: Hadoop cluster architecture representation

This one "sounds like" and easy one, but it really isn't as everyone is looking for something different when they ask for this. For conceptual drawings, check out which links you to a github project with Omnigraffle and Visio stencils (I know, you're looking for Office doc examples).

When you start talking about "big" clusters (even those bigger than just 50 nodes) then a "pretty" diagram starts being less useful. With those stencils you can build a PPT file that acts as a legend for your various node stereotypes (master, worker, edge, gateway, etc) with breakdowns of the details that are consistent among them. This legend could also include the fact that you'll like have (eventually, at least) different versions of each of the stereotypes; especially in the worker space as you scale out and hardware model #s and specific configs change.

You could then have a coupled XLS file that lists the particulars about each node. Let's say server names with their IP addresses in a columns that are labeled by each rack.

I wish there was a simple diagram we all agreed upon, but again, my thinking is that each audience is probably looking to communicate something different out of their environments than everyone else. Good luck and happy Hadooping!