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Hadoop fs -ls command not working on Hortonworks when i reistalled Hadoop.


I have reinstalled Hadoop using Ambari on Hortonworks.

All my services started successfully.

somehow Hadoop fs -ls command is giving following error. can some one help me on this?

# hadoop fs -ls /
/usr/hdp/ line 31: /usr/hdp/ No such file or directory
/usr/hdp/ line 180: exec: : not found


@subramanyam sibbala,

Looks like the executable files are missing. You can try doing the below steps.

1. Re-Install the clients

yum reinstall -y hadoop*

2. Refresh Client configs

Login to Ambari -> Hosts -> Select host where it is failing -> Refresh client configs


If this works please take a moment to login and "Accept" the answer 🙂


If I reinstall will it affect any ambari related services?

any dependency files may be deleted?

please provide me all steps of reinstallation so that it wont get affect any dependency files.

@subramanyam sibbala,

By reinstall I meant to run only the "yum reinstall -y hadoop*" command. It doesn't affect/delete any files.


HI Aditya,

thanks for your response. I rectified it.

I forget to modify Hadoop_home in .bashrc file. I modified it and re ran and now it is working fine.

My yarn node manager is failing. when run, it will run successfully and with in a few seconds it will fail.

I error it is showing like - Node Manger web Ui is unreachable. help me to resolve this please

@subramanyam sibbala,

Can you please post node manager logs to get more info