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Handling inserts,updates and deletes ( CDC) in Hadoop



I have a requirement to process and store changes from oracle database into hadoop data lake.

Goldengate replicates the changes and drops files into hdfs directly ( I don't see an option to write to hive table directly) . Each file will have Inserts , updates and deletes.

How can I quickly process the changes into a hive table?is Spark an option for local file processing?

I need to capture the changes from individual files into hive and also denormalize multiple transaction tables ( Eg: Headers, Detail) into one for faster querying.

Has anyone implemented a better solution for this kind of problem in hadoop? Please suggest

Thanks again


  1. Capture the change only data coming from Golden Gate to HDFS in a temp/staging Hive table.
  2. Use Hive Merge functionality to do inserts/updates/deletes. This article has all the details on how to use Merge.

But there are a couple of gotchas for that!

  1. You should have either HDP 2.6 or Hive 2.2 running on your cluster. The functionality is available in Hive 2.2 but Hortonworks has backported it to work on Hive 1.2 also in HDP 2.6.
  2. Your table(s) should be transactional.

Let know if that helps!