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Has anyone integrated Ambari traps into IBM Netcool?


Has anyone integrated Ambari traps into IBM Netcool?


Has anyone integrated Ambari traps into IBM Netcool?

HDP: 2.4.3, Ambari: 2.4.2, IBM Netcool: Netcool/OMNIbus Object Server - Version 8.1.0 64bit

Kerberos: yes

MIB file: wget -nv -O /usr/share/snmp/mibs/APACHE-AMBARI-MIB.txt

Manage Alert Notifications configuration:

Groups: All
Severity: All
Method: SNMP
Version: SNMPv1
OID:     **** (also tried with
Community: public
Port: 162

This is what we have accomplished so far:

  • We tested several traps using the Netcool MIB browser and all of them seem to have been parsed correctly via the rules we have setup using the MIB provided to us (though some adjustments to the Summary and other fields are needed based on further review of the traps needed to be shown).
  • The actual traps that you are generating on the device side are all defaulting to one Generic trap (Generic cold start) and getting de-duplicated as a single trap on Netcool end (Netcool Object server uses the Identifier field that gets specifically set using several fields[OIDs and varbinds] from the trap).

I've opened a case with HW support requesting more details on the actual traps that are being sent for each service so we can investigate further (Some sample trap PDUs that can help us identify what signifies a specific trap so we can validate the rules get mapped accordingly).