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Having trouble installing rmr2 package

After having installed R on the sandbox, I tried to install the rmr2 package by following the official instructions. But I was having trouble even installing the dependency packages before I could actually install rmr2.

install.packages(c("rJava ","bitops","RJSONIO","digest","functional","Rcpp","stringr","plyr","reshape2","codetools","dplyr","R.methodsS3","caTools","Hmisc"))

I got the following error message repeated as many times as the number of packages I was trying to install:

/usr/lib64/R/bin/R:line 8:uname:command not found
/usr/lib64/R/bin/R:line 143:exec:sh: not found

I have also tried add the following to the end of the install.packages command, but didn't help:

..., repos='', dependencies=TRUE

Any help will be much appreciated!


Hi there, thank you for the reply. I just double checked that I have the most updated epel. And I was following the instructions in the last two links you provided, but still having this problem...

@JJ Yang

Try this - [I tested and it worked for me]

1. Login to linux/centos box using root -

2. execute - $R

3. You will get Rshell then type -

$> chooseCRANmirror()

4. select 33

5. select 44

6. Note execute -

>> install.packages(c("rJava ","bitops","RJSONIO","digest","functional","Rcpp","stringr","plyr","reshape2","codetools","dplyr","R.methodsS3","caTools","Hmisc"))

Installing packages into ‘/usr/lib64/R/library’

Let me know still if it fails.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. After going through step 1-3, I only see mirrors numbered from 1 to 28....

@JJ YangCan you pass me the mirrors screenshot. Try selecting any mirror near to you.

@Sagar Shimpi I retried your suggestion, and this time somehow there were 33 options, so I did as you suggested. But the installation still failed. I think it might have something to do with the PATH not including the right directories where those commands are stored, hence the error messages. I did as the second reply on this post suggested, but ended up having a similar error, except the command not found is a different one. I don't know if you have any thoughts on this. Much thanks!