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Hawq 2.0.1 stucks forever at "Customize services" page in Ambari 2.2 while installation (HDP 2.4 stack)



I could see hawq installation is stuck forever at "Customize services" page in ambari 2.2 while installation. stack is hdp 2.4. Could any one please help on this issue.



Super Mentor


Do you see any error or warning in the ambari-server.log?

Also in the UI debugger tool do you see any error?

On the page where the UI is getting stuck open the debugger tool and notice the "Console" & "Network" tabs for anything unusual.. error or API calls. (Please share the output/screenshot)

Chrome Browser--> Menu --> More Tools --> Developers tool



Hi Jay,

In ambari server logs, I didn't see any error or warning.

The log also stopped at "INFO [qtp-ambari-client-255] StackAdvisorRunner:71 - advisor script stderr:

I also checked in the corresponding stack recommendations folder in ambari server pid folder, There are no entries.

I observe this scenario only for HAWQ service, rest of the services are being installed or moving forward from that stuck page.


What version of Ambari are you using? 2.2.0 or 2.2.2 ? Remember, 2.2.2 is the minimum required. Also, what install instructinos are you following? Did the issue start happening after something specific, or is this a fresh install?


Hi Vineet,

It is ambari 2.2.2 version. It is a fresh install.


Please ensure you're following the right instructions from here:

Software is here (use, which has important fixes on top of 2.0.1, although Ambari-related code is the same):

Not sure why you're seeing this, I haven't seen anyone run into this issue before.