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Hbase Inserts and Updates via Nifi



I need to load the JSON data into HBASE on the below conditions . If the record(composite primary key)(servername+serverid) is matched then update/delete the record , If not matched Insert the record. How Can I do this in Nifi with Hbase for larger dataset. forecasted data size would be 50-100TB approx for the next one year. optional if at possible , I need to discard the invalid entries from JSON on the flow using regular exp . Where I need to discard the entries and those discarded values creates empty space . Kindly let me know how to remove those empty space after removing the blank values. If possible How to avoid JSON breaking into bad values . I couldn't find good tutorial to Insert/Update in HBASE. Attached sample data test.txt



What are best processors flow to use for this usecase

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