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Hbase RegionServers die shortly after starting then the Hbase Master dies. How do you fix this?


@Jay SenSharma

@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

Ambari shows green for approximately 1 minute and I have followed the fine tuning guide for HBASE for Big Insights that utilizes HBASE here. All server start green and the RegionServers begin to die one-by-one and then Hbase Master finally dies. I even tried disabling RANGER and disabling the HBASE plugin to see if that had something to with the following error:

Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to x.x.x:16030 (region servers)

Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to x.x.x:16000 (master)

But that had no effect. My Hbase logs are located here.