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Hbase configuration file missing while deploying client configuration


i have installed the hbase using addservice wizard.

at the time of deploying client configuration i got below screen mentioning file missing.


What could be the reason for this?






Super Guru





The message is telling you a file that is a part of the Client Configuration does not exist on one or more hosts.  This is not an error, just informative to let you know why the Client Configuration needs to be deployed.  It is unfortunate that no more information is given regarding what files.


You can proceed with the Deployment of the Client Configuration.


I will open a Jira internally so that we can consider adding in some more information in that screen to help inform about what files may be missing and that it is not a bad thing.


Thanks for your question.


Thanks @bgooley.


I thought i made some mistakes while configuring the same.



Thanks for guidance.