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Hbase performance issue with geohashes

New Contributor

We will get geohashes by using coverboundingbox. With the help of that geohashes(approx two lakh hashes) we iterate the data from Hbase(using resultscanner). But the performance is very poor. How can improve the hbase performance. We tried with rowprefixfilter and startrow with end row. But didn't help. And also we tried with hbase spark & also multithreaded  it's taking more time compare to hbase client.

Anybody have idea, please suggest  how to improve hbase it's urgent.




Super Collaborator

The first thing that comes to mind is to look into the caching options that HBase provides, unfortunately I am not too familiar with them to give more detail.



Sidenote: The general recommendation for urgent performance matters is to contact the account team, perhaps they can arrange specialist knowledge to be available. Or if you are already connected to someone from the Proffesional Services organization, they may be able to help you with an in depth analysis.

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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