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Hbase snapshot cloning

Hbase snapshot cloning


I am confused with hbase snapshot cloning mechanism . snapshot cloning in hbase allows creation of  new table from existing snapshot taken for some other table , but any modification to newly created table does not have any impact on either snapshot or original table for what snaphsot was created .

below is example What I am trying to justify on above statement :

suppose we have hbase table tab , and it has two records cf1:fname ='Anurag' cf2:Iname ='Mishra' . .Now with this structure I have created snapshot of this table with name tabsnapshot .

As snapshot clone operation allows creating new table let's assume I have created new table with name newtab . Hence now newtab table with same structure and data as tab table has been created , when I update record in the newtab table it does not make any difference in the actual table neither on snapshot . How is it possible when there is no data movement still any update on the new table does not update data for original table it does update only for itself but no disturbance in the original table . As per the functionality wise  this should be the only case new table created from the snapshot should not disturb other table , but snapshot operation does not involve data copy or movement and does not affect region server how come update on data does not make any difference on original hbase table >