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Help in setting up Holiday Calendar in Nifi


Used case : I dont want to schedule NiFi jobs to run on US holidays. Does NiFi has feature to integrate customized calendar dates and to schedule the data flows.


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NiFi processor components offer one or more of the following scheduling strategies:


1. Timer Driven <-- When used, processor will request a thread every X amount of time as configured in the "Run Schedule".
2. Cron Driven <-- When used, processor will execute based on configured simple Quartz Cron in the "run schedule" configuration field.

3. Event Driven  <-- This is consider experimental and should not be used. Improvements to Timer Driven over the years has negated the usefulness of this strategy and it has been abandoned.  Only still exist to avoid breaking back wards compatibility for users who upgrade.  It will eventually be deprecated and removed.


None of these option will provide you with the ability to integrate with a calendar for specifically executing on US holidays.   That being said, everything you can do via the UI, you can also accomplish via external calls to the NiFi rest-api (this includes starting and stopping NiFi processors).  So technically you could create you own external scheduler that makes calls to NiFi's rest-api to start specific processors and then again to turn them off later.

NiFi's rest-api documentation:


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