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Help regarding - Configure Hadoop Group Mapping in core-site.xml


Hi All,

I did integrate Ranger with AD ( no SSSD ) in our case but policies are not applied to members of group.

I am trying to configure hadoop group mapping in core-site.xml for AD.

Trying to follow the below link:

Can someone provide sample values for various properties mentioned in the above link.

This will help me.

Many thanks for your time and support.



We are using AD and tried to configure core-site.xml with the properties mentioned in the link but no luck 😞

Expert Contributor


Not sure if you are still looking for help here. If you configured ranger with AD/LDAP sync, then most of the properties in core-site.xml should be very similar. Following are the properties I generally add with sample values to the custom core-site.xml section in HDFS configuration in Ambari:,dc=com<password>,CN=Users,dc=hortonworks,dc=com


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