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Hi, I am creating a querydatabase custom processor in nifi and I am not able to find database adapter jar file. Can anybody provide the download link?


Super Guru

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to access the DatabaseAdapter interface outside the nifi-standard-bundle. To do this, we would need to create an "API JAR" module or perhaps move the interface into the nifi-dbcp-service-api JAR.

As a workaround you could develop your custom processor using a branch in GitHub that corresponds to the version of NiFi you are using, and place your processor into the nifi-standard-processors module (and corresponding bundle). Then you could rebuild the nifi-standard-nar and replace that in your NiFi instance (versus dropping a "new" NAR containing just your custom processor). A more dangerous alternative would be to bring in the nifi-standard-processors JAR as a dependency to your custom processor. That would give you access to DatabaseAdapter, but be warned that bad things might happen, as that JAR is not meant to be embedded in anything but the nifi-standard-bundle NAR.

I have written up NIFI-3557 to address the relocation of DatabaseAdapter to make it available to NiFi extensions (custom processors, e.g.).

Hi @Matt Burgess , I added the dependency in my pom file according to my nifi version:






But the error in the line "import org.apache.nifi.processors.standard.db.DatabaseAdapter" persists. Could You help me out?

Super Guru

You may need a <type>jar</type> in that dependency. I'm not sure how/if that approach will work, I just mentioned it as a possibility.

ok thanks I will try it out!