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Hive Action and Hive UDF in Oozie

Hive Action and Hive UDF in Oozie

New Contributor



Have multiple xxx.hql (different) files which is depended on a hive common.hql which is setting the UDF temporary functions.


Now in Oozie workflow, the mutiple xxx.hql files are in parallel (fork)


Option I had,

1. Call the hive action for common.hql before the xxx.hql files hive action.

       [Does't work as the each hive action will be running in different container. Please correct me if understanding is wrong]


2. Set the CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION ....... command in a .hiverc file

      [This option is also not working.]


Please let me know if I have any other option to handle this.


Thanks and Regards

Suman Kumar



Re: Hive Action and Hive UDF in Oozie

New Contributor

The issue was not with Oozie. It was hive which was not able to find the function.



In Hive 0.13 its handled, by creating the function in the metastore itself so it will be available to all the hive queries associated with the database.



Suman Kumar

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