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Hive BDR replication with more than 1000 tables

Hive BDR replication with more than 1000 tables


HIVE replication limitations -

Hive replication has the following limitations:
  • Maximum number of databases: 100
  • Maximum number of tables per database: 1,000
  • Maximum number of partitions per table: 10,000. 
  • Maximum total number of tables (across all databases): 10,000
  • Maximum total number of partitions (across all tables): 100,000
  • Maximum number of indexes per table: 100

CDH 5.15.1
In webex, we noticed there are two jobs .
a) One job with 120 databases
b) another job with 1 database having 4386 tables

We randomly checked many tables to check the partitions but no partitions are created for randomly checked tables. 

Both BDR jobs are failing and customer has data around 300TB in both jobs


What is the solution in this case?