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Hive H110 Unable to submit statement Ambari error

Expert Contributor

Hi I am trying to run a Hive script and I get:

H110 Unable to submit statement. Error while processing statement: null [ERROR_STATUS]

I use HDP 2.4 Ambari 2.1. Any help is much appreciated.

Script is:

add jar hdfs://;

create table tbl (
  contributors void,
  coordinates void,
  created_at string,
  entities struct <
    hashtags: array <void>,
    symbols: array <void>,
    urls: array <struct <
        display_url: string,
        expanded_url: string,
        indices: array <tinyint>,
        url: string>>,
    user_mentions: array <void>>,
  favorite_count tinyint,
  favorited boolean,
  filter_level string,
  geo void,
  id bigint,
  id_str binary,
  in_reply_to_screen_name void,
  in_reply_to_status_id void,
  in_reply_to_status_id_str void,
  in_reply_to_user_id void,
  in_reply_to_user_id_str void,
  is_quote_status boolean,
  lang string,
  place void,
  possibly_sensitive boolean,
  retweet_count tinyint,
  retweeted boolean,
  source string,
  text string,
  timestamp_ms string,
  truncated boolean,
  user struct <
    contributors_enabled: boolean,
    created_at: string,
    default_profile: boolean,
    default_profile_image: boolean,
    description: void,
    favourites_count: tinyint,
    follow_request_sent: void,
    followers_count: tinyint,
    following: void,
    friends_count: tinyint,
    geo_enabled: boolean,
    id: bigint,
    id_str: binary,
    is_translator: boolean,
    lang: string,
    listed_count: tinyint,
    location: void,
    name: string,
    notifications: void,
    profile_background_color: binary,
    profile_background_image_url: string,
    profile_background_image_url_https: string,
    profile_background_tile: boolean,
    profile_image_url: string,
    profile_image_url_https: string,
    profile_link_color: binary,
    profile_sidebar_border_color: binary,
    profile_sidebar_fill_color: binary,
    profile_text_color: binary,
    profile_use_background_image: boolean,
    protected: boolean,
    screen_name: string,
    statuses_count: smallint,
    time_zone: void,
    url: string,
    utc_offset: void,
    verified: boolean>


Re: Hive H110 Unable to submit statement Ambari error

Rising Star

`void` seems like a return type from a Java function, rather than a Hive datatype.

Re: Hive H110 Unable to submit statement Ambari error

Super Guru

Not sure why you have void arrays, and void values

If you aren't sure string is good for json

Re: Hive H110 Unable to submit statement Ambari error

Expert Contributor

Duh! Thanks!!!!