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Hive LLAP running, but queries go through TEZ

Hive LLAP running, but queries go through TEZ


Hello all,

I have set up a HDP 3 cluster with Hive running on LLAP-Interactive. However, when connecting through Hiveserver2 port (10500 default) (or if through zookeeper, then through Hiveserver2-Interactve), any query that is being run is going through YARN/TEZ containers.

That is, if I check at the LLAP Dashboard (http://datanode:10502), I can see that there are 0 active/passive sessions. With my experience from HDP2.6, there should be every query listed.

What can be the problem? LLAP is enabled with the default settings from Ambari 2.7, with the following settings:

hive.execution.mode = llap #at hive-interactive-site
hive.llap.execution.mode = all #same with the default "only"
hive.execution.mode = container #at hive-site

Is this the default behaviour? Currently I'm worried that there are two different "hive.execution.mode" settings specified, so will try playing with them. But other than that, I'm not sure what further settings to check.

@Geoffrey Shelton Okot