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Hive Metastore not working on HDP 2.6.4

New Contributor

Hi, I have setup HDP 2.6.4 VM and I am trying to get the Hive Metastore working. In Ambari, I can see that the Hive services are working fine but on doing netstat in the sandbox for 9083, the port is not running. Also, I don't see /usr/hadoop directory. Could you please help me in starting hiverserver2?


Expert Contributor

How are you trying to connect to Hive Metastore? If Ambari is showing it running it may be running, try using Hive and create a table.

/usr/hadoop is not a valid directory. It is either /usr/hdp for binaries and /etc/hadoop for configs.

New Contributor

Hi, Thanks for your response. Both usr/hdp and /etc/hadoop directories do not exist. Also, I am trying to start the hiveserver on the VM box and the command is not running. The attached screenshot is of hiverserver2 file and the paths mentioned in the file do not exist. Port 9083 is not running on the machine.I need to connect to the hive metastore from third party application.