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Hive Monitoring for query output

New Contributor

Hi , 

I would like to know if there is possible way (For auditing Purpose) to monitor Hive Queries Output only for total amount of rows Fetched in the output, I would like to Generate Alert If the user has tried a query which will result in more then certain number of rows fetched.


I can able to see these results for Impala, as under the queries section, the number of rows shown, but do not have similar option for hive



Hi Nicks, 


I understand that you would like to get an alert when a user executes a query that returns an output with the number of rows more than a pre-defined number of rows. Is my understanding of your query correct?


As the limit is pre-defined, I usually append a LIMIT clause with the query, if the LIMIT clause is not already mentioned in the query.


I would like to bring to your notice that Hue returns a partial result and load more data when scrolled down. However, when Executing the query from Hue, I do not see an alerting mechanism based on the number of rows returned, at the moment. I will update here, once I come across something more helpful.


As far as I know, Hive does not support that metric. I believe the number you see for Impala is the total number of rows returned, not the rows fetched by client?

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