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Hive No Error - No Data from JSON FIle

Hive No Error - No Data from JSON FIle




  I have a issue and have tried for 12 hours to figure it out and need some help. I have a JSON this very straight forward but for some reason Hive is not showing data. The file is named tlog.json and here is its structure:




I defined the table as below.


TableName string,
TxnID string,
OperationName string,
SEQUENCE string,
TimeStamp string
ROW FORMAT SERDE '' LOCATION '/tmp/strim_kafka_StriimTLogData'

There are no errors when the table is created but no results are shown. 


Please help me with this issue. I have had no luck and have exhausted myself trying to find the issue. Things tried -

1. Validated the json file

2. Varied security

3. Read through numerous blogs