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Hive ODBC driver against LLAP gives NullPointer

Hive ODBC driver against LLAP gives NullPointer



I’m trying to connect a BI tool to Hive/LLAP with the ODBC driver. Everything works fine when I use the normal Hive, but when I try with LLAP I get a nullpointer exception during communication with the Hive metadata. LLAP is working fine from a JDBC connection (working daily with beeline and Toad), so I suspect that’s it’s just the ODBC driver that have this problem. And yes, I run with the latest downloadable ODBC driver.

I’ve tested with both PowerBI and Tableau and I get the same error in both. Tableau gives me the possibility to write the database/table name directly and if I do that, I can read the data in that table. PowerBI just lists the Hive databases, I get a list of the tables but if I click on one of the tables, I get the following error.

DataSource.Error: ODBC: ERROR [HY000] [Hortonworks][Hardy]
(35) Error from server: error code: '0' error message:


The same time, in the LLAP logfile on the server, I get the output that is in the attached file. Any thoughts about what the error could be here?

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Re: Hive ODBC driver against LLAP gives NullPointer


Looks like some code is trying to retrieve foreign keys from Hive (GetCrossReference), while supplying a null database name. Not sure why it happens when using LLAP in particular. Are you sure there isn't something special about the tool/the pattern of use that could cause this behavior?

Re: Hive ODBC driver against LLAP gives NullPointer

@Berry Österlund

This is a bug in Hortonworks > ODBC 2.1.5 This is fixed and will be part of iHDP 3.0

As an interim please use ODBC driver v2.1.2 from the archive section under HDP 2.4.