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Hive ODBC query fails, works in Hive shell though - hive.aux.jars.path?


Hive ODBC query fails, works in Hive shell though - hive.aux.jars.path?

New Contributor

Dear all,


I am unable to perform queries via Hive ODBC although the same queries do work well via Hive shell.


I receive the following error message:

[Cloudera][HiveODBC] (35) Error from Hive: error code: '1' error message: 'Error while processing statement: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.MapRedTask'.



I am using CDH 4.4 VM and the latest ODBC drivers from Cloudera.


The Hive tables are visible so the connection should work.


Edit: I found out that the attribute


is different for ODBC jobs:


When started via shell:


This jar is crucial for the success of a job:



It seems as if ODBC MapReduce jobs are not affected by


 although shell MapReduce jobs are.


Is there a way to solve this issue?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



PS: A detailed structure of the table can be found here:


Re: Hive ODBC query fails, works in Hive shell though - hive.aux.jars.path?

Master Guru
If you've made changes to the hive.aux.jars.path, you may want to duplicate that change set in CM across all available hive-site.xml safety valves (i.e. both client and server ones - former affects CLI, latter affects HS2, i.e. JDBC/ODBC).