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Hive ODBC server site options - encoding problem ODBC 64 bit



We have created a connection with a ODBC from Informatica to Hive, but special chars as привет is convert to .

The Hive table data is showed fine in Beeline, Ambari Hive View, JDBC 64bit but not ODBC 64bit.

The documentation link page 18, tell that is is possible to add server-side property to the ODBC and that these options can be showed by type set -v.

I can figure out to run the command to see the properties. What we are looking for is if any encoding/code-page can be set to solve the encoding problem.


1) Have any other had problem with UTF-8 chars like привет, to be showed correctly with Hortonworks ODBC 54bit?

2) Any guidance to how the server-site options kan be displyed.

From documentation:

1. To create a server-side property, click Add, then type appropriate values in the Key and Value fields, and then click OK

Note: For a list of all Hadoop and Hive server-side properties that your implementation supports, type set -v at the Hive CLI command line or Beeline. You can also execute the set -v query after connecting using the driver.