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Hive Tables instead Sentry Tables

Hive Tables instead Sentry Tables

New Contributor

I Enabled sentry in our environment( CDH 5.8.3), But when i login to Hue and checked the Security tab, i can see

Hive Tables instead of Sentry Tables. Any body experienced similar issues? If so how you resolved the issue ?





Thanks in Advance. Kailash


Re: Hive Tables instead Sentry Tables

Cloudera Employee

Hi Kailash,


The security browser in Hue shows privileges that have been granted on Hive tables. That's what appears in the screenshot you provided, and that's what it's supposed to do.


I'm not sure what you mean by "Sentry tables." The tables that Sentry is concerned with are in Hive, so this is normal behavior.


I hope this helps.

Re: Hive Tables instead Sentry Tables

New Contributor

Thanks for reply.Some time in past i saw under hue ->security -> Sentry Tables, I'm not sure whether i should worry about it or not. Since we are trying to enable sentry for first time, confused in this a bit.


For eg: I googled random image, found heading name "Sentry Tables" instead "Hive Tables" . That is what i meant , not sure whether the name is having some impact or not.


Re: Hive Tables instead Sentry Tables

Super Collaborator

Guess the screenshot is outdated.

There is no impact.


What the screenshot shows as "Sentry tables" are in fact "Hive tables".

Re: Hive Tables instead Sentry Tables


It depends upon what Hue version that you are using.


From the below picture:

a. leftside image is on Hue 3.8 (Shows Sentry table)

b. rightside image is Hue 3.11 (shows Hive table)