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Hive-Tez jobs are not displayed in Job History server

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We have configured tez as hive execution engine by setting hive.execution.engine=tez in ambari.

Hive jobs are running fine and are getting submitted and successful in Resource Manager UI. But I am not able to view Job history Server UI of these jobs. However, I can see normal mapreduce jobs in job history server UI in detail.

When I click the History from Tracking URL field in Resource Manager UI, it's redirecting to the below URL and showing nothing.

Tracking URL:


Cluster is SSL enabled and Kerberized. In the above URL, If I replace port from 8080 to 9443 manually, then I could see the Tez view as in the attached screenshot.


Properties set in tez-site.xml:


I could see the below warnings in the mapreduce-job-history-server log as well.

 WARN  mortbay.log ( - SSL renegotiate denied: java.nio.channels.SocketChannel[connected local=<ip> remote=<ip>

Please help to fix this issue.

Thank you.