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Hive View is blank. How could I use it?


Hi everyone!

I have installed an HDP cluster with the Hive component, and during the installation, I linked Hive database to an existing Oracle database, testing correctly the connection.

The problema is the next one: When I select "Hive View" in the Ambari UI, it doesn't show anything. It is completely blank, as I show in the image.

What is happening? How could I fix it?

Thank yo so much!



@pfctic2 pfctic2

Which version of ambari are you using?

If it is 2.2.2 or prior to ambari 2.2.2 then please check / share the "/var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log" snippet after hitting the hive view. We might see some error/warning there.

If it is ambari 2.4.x then we can look at separate hive view log: "/var/log/ambari-server/hive-view/hive-view.log"


I am using HDP version 2.5, and when I inspect the log that you specify ("/var/log/ambari-server/hive-view/hive-view.log") it is empty...

My hive-view.log is empty as well.


I am also only seeing a blank page for the Hive View, was there any fix?

My version of Ambari is and hive-view.log file is empty

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@Mark Young - Did you ever get a solution to use Ambari Hive on IE?

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@jk I too am seeing this with HDP 2.5. Only the dashboard header appears, but no content. Files & Pig views work fine.

I'm encountering the same issue. When I open Hive View, it is just a blank screen.

Hi all,

if you use Internet Explorer, perhaps it is link to


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@pfctic2 pfctic2 Hi there - did you ever manage to solve this? I can only use it on Chrome and I'm trying to get it to work on IE too.