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Hive beeline stops showing traces on console

Hive beeline stops showing traces on console

New Contributor

I start up beeline like:


beeline -u jdbc:hive2://


beeline -u jdbc:hive2:// --verbose=true --silent=false


and run some querries and after some random fairly short time, all the progress output that appears about the MR job status

stops showing up on the console. If I restart beeline again, I see output again, and then it stops after some time.

I was running a script via the !run <file> command and there was a syntax error in the script. Beeline showed 

no errors. I swithed to the deprecated hive CLI and run the same script via 'source <file>' and low and behold

it actually showed me the error so I could fix the script and then it ran successfully. What's up with beeline not

consistently showing progress traces or error traces?


Version: Cloudera Express 5.4.6 (#8 built by jenkins on 20150828-1801 git: 49a2ec298a1e4297f228f0fcd53e3c8d2b19f783)