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Hive compactions not triggered automatically

Hive compactions not triggered automatically

New Contributor


I have problems with the automatic compactions triggering in Hive on HDP 3.0.1.

My Hive tables are populated by NiFi with the Hive3Streaming processor which is generating a lot of delta files. Hive is owner of the partitions (NiFi insert the data using Hive keytab).

What happens is :

- Hive triggers a first MAJOR compaction for each partition because there is no base file in the partition (the "no base" condition is fulfilled)

- Hive does not try to compact the same partition again (even doesn't seem to check the partition for compaction given the logs)

I have tried several other configurations :

- When hive is not owner of the partitions, it fails to impersonate the user using KERBEROS protocol during delta files cleaning process (even with users created by Ambari like nifi).

- Creating the DB + tables as Hive doesn't change anything as expected.

- Setting = 1000 doesn't prevent Hive to trigger the first MAJOR compaction as the "no base" condition is fulfilled.

Does anyone have any idea of what the problem can be ?

I am using the following configuration for Hive compactions:

hive.compactor.check.interval = 300 = 10 = 0.1f
hive.compactor.worker.threads = 5
hive.compactor.abortedtxn.threshold = 1000
hive.compactor.initiator.on = true
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