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Hive errors with orc format and booleans


Hive errors with orc format and booleans

Hive is returning inconsistent results with a simple select statement on an ORC format table. This is on HDP 2.5 which I think uses Hive 1.2.

Specific problem is that if b1 is a boolean column and you use a where clause like "where b1=1", it returns results different from "where b1=true". With "where b1=1" it looks like Hive is casting 1 as boolean value true, but it doesn't return all the expected rows.

It might be possible to just use true/false instead of 0/1 everywhere and not get any problems, but someone could easily forget about that and get incorrect query results. Also I don't know if there is some underlying issue that could create other problems here.

You can reproduce the problem with (make sure hive.execution.engine is set to tez):

create table scratch.test_booleans
(n string,
b1 boolean)
stored as orc;

insert into scratch.test_booleans
select 'a' as n,true as b1
union all
select 'b' as n,true as b1
union all
select 'c' as n,false as b1;

insert into scratch.test_booleans
select 'd' as n,true as b1
select 'e' as n,false as b1;

--returns expected 5 rows
select * from scratch.test_booleans;

--returns expected 3 rows
select * from scratch.test_booleans where b1=true;

--returns only 1 row??? (just the row from the 2nd insert)
select * from scratch.test_booleans where b1=1;

Some additional notes:

- Problem can be fixed by any of the following: use text instead of orc format, use hive.execution.engine=mr instead of tez when running the insert, use "union" instead of "union all" everywhere

- Setting hive.execution.engine from tez to mr does not help if you do it just when running the select statements

Is this related to some known issue? I have seen mentions of TEZ having trouble with union all. We have a large Hive table that is showing this issue and I'm worried that the orc files are somehow corrupt and should be re-created.

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