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Hive metastore MySQL to Postgres migration

New Contributor

We're migrating our cluster to new hardware. TBs of HDFS (/Data, /user & /apps/hive/warehouse) data transferred well to destination. Now, we need to move the Hive tables Metastore. There are 10s of DBs and each would have 100s of tables. The new cluster HIVE DB id Postgres and the older one is on MySQL. The specifications are as follows:

Ambari: (Old), (New)

HDP: (Old), (New)

HIVE DB: MySQL (Old), Postgres (New)

Issue: We don't have the DBs schema so that we can run again on new cluster. It would be very tedious to Create Table from one to another. Is there a way to import the metadata dump from one to another?

Please advise!

Thanks allot in advance!




@Vikas Gupta

Unfortunately, there is no ready-made utility, you will have to look into external utilities for the database migration. Here is a good source of utilities you might need to test.

Converting from other Databases to PostgreSQL

Hope that helps