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Hive metastore leaking memory?

Hive metastore leaking memory?

Expert Contributor

hdp 2.6.0, HMS has 6GB memory, the metastore itself is mysql.

After a few days the server hosting the HMS will have its CPU 100% used, hive queries are slow, and looking at the GC logs the HMS is constantly having stop the world events. Restarting the metastore 'fixes' the problem for a few days.

I have found a few JIRA link related to memory leaks or .

Is it a known issue in hdp 2.6.0? Is it known if the latest hdp version is fixed?



Re: Hive metastore leaking memory?

New Contributor

it's fixed at 2.2.0

but I advise to use 2.1.1 and patch on it