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Hive metastore unable to connect Alert ()


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@Fahad Sarwar

The hive metastore client reads the configuration property hive.metastore.uri to get the list of metastore servers with which it can communicate.

The hive.metastore.uri value should be a list comma separated metastore uris e.g

<name> hive.metastore.uris </name> 
<value> thrift://$Metastore_Server1_FQDN,thrift://$Metastore_Server2_FQDN</value> 

For secure clusters, add the following configuration property to the hive-site.xml file for each metastore server:


Failover Scenario

A Hive metastore client always uses the first URI to connect with the metastore server. If the metastore server becomes unreachable, the client randomly picks up a URI from the list and attempts to connect with that.

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